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Jiangsu Fast Machinery Co., Ltd.
Engineering case

Premix feed


1、Engineering Brief

     For a long time, Fast has been aiming at the top premix technology at home and abroad, adhering to the concept of "safe feed, safe food", constantly innovating and improving, always focusing on the five important indicators of evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of mixing Enterprises: "hygiene, accuracy, mixing uniformity, traceability, production efficiency".

     Through continuous efforts and experience accumulation, we can not only provide you with To provide international and domestic leading premix technology, as well as superb premix equipment and engineering, to truly provide customers with a package of solutions, so as to create greater tangible and intangible economic benefits for customers.


2、Premixed feed engineering:

Qilu Zhongmu, Shandong and Ruiyuan, Hubei, Sichuan, Anyou, Jiangmen, Huihai, Henan nongchun biology and America group, Dehua, Gansu, Jiangsu, Dazheng, Shandong, Jinsheng, Qingdao, Beibao, Jinan, Neng


3、Project presentation:





Heruiyuan Agriculture and Animal Husbandry


Nantong Dazheng


Nong Chun Bio


Shanchuan Bio


Guangdong Lvshengyuan

Jinan Baisijie


Linghua Zhengda


Yicang Kaienge


Chongqing Aikefu

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