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Engineering case

Livestock and poultry feed


(1)Engineering Brief


    According to the physiological characteristics, nutritional requirements and raw material characteristics of livestock and poultry (chicken, duck, cow, pig, rabbit), combined with rich engineering design and installation experience of FAST, we provide you with advanced production technology and engineering design services.

    FAST focuses on five important aspects of feed engineering design: high production efficiency, high mixing accuracy of ingredients, good sanitation, high degree of automation and traceability; with the help of FAST's excellent equipment and accessories, we can provide you with excellent livestock feed engineering.


(2)Classic process of livestock feed production line:



(3)Livestock feed engineering:

CP Feed(Qian Jiang)Co.,Ltd.,  Dabei Nong Group(Yang jiang)Feed Co., Ltd., Dabei Nong Group( Fuquan) Feed Co., Ltd., Dabei Nong Group(Laibin)Feed Co., Ltd. , Jilin Anyou Biotechnology Group Co.,Ltd., Liaoning Anyou Biotechnology Group Co.,Ltd., Shanxian Haiding, Dingtao Haiding, Liaoning Hongyi, Liaoning xinjie'an... ...


(4) Project presentation:



CP Feed(Qian Jiang)Co.,Ltd.



CP Feed(Chongyang )Co.,Ltd.



CP Feed(Chuzhou )Co.,Ltd.



CP Feed(Mianyang )Co.,Ltd.



CP Feed(Suixi )Co.,Ltd.



Dabei Nong Group(Jingzhou) Feed Co., Ltd.



Dabei Nong Group(Fuquan) Feed Co., Ltd.



Dabei Nong Group(Yangjiang) Feed Co., Ltd.



Dabei Nong Group(Loudi) Feed Co., Ltd.


Dabei Nong Group(Laibin) Feed Co., Ltd.



Shandong Haoyouduo



Jilin Anyou Biotechnology Group Co.,Ltd.


Hongyi Animal Husbandry




Sun Spring Farming



Nong Chun Bio




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