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Engineering case

Aqua feed


1、Project Introduction:


     Aquatic feed is mainly fish, shrimp, crabs and other aquatic animals, aquatic feed mainly has hard granules, puffed granules two kinds, according to its physiology and the particularity of the diet in the water, the aquatic feed must have excellent water resistance, there is a high degree of gelatinization to reduce the powdering rate, the fineness of its raw materials is finer, for shrimp feed needs a flat particle cut surface, consistent feed color, etc., for puffed feed in addition to the pursuit of uniform particle size, but also to ensure that the float must be 100%, the sediment must be 100% sinking, In addition, it is also necessary to consider indicators such as lower tonage of material consumption and power consumption, so as to achieve higher production income of enterprises.


(1). Reasonable production process, industry-leading stand-alone equipment





(2). Clean and hygienic, no cross-pollution, low energy consumption


   Due to the use of FAST's excellent stand-alone machine, advanced and reasonable process design and humanized operation, maintenance and maintenance platform design, not only makes the factory clean and hygienic, no cross-contamination, the energy consumption is at the leading level in the industry.


(3).the degree of automation is high, reduce the labor force


   Raw materials using bulk building block storage design, small materials using trace element addition system, automatic batching, automatic online detection, automatic packaging, automatic palletizing, automatic loading, greatly reducing the use of labor.


2、Aquatic feed engineering:


  Haid Group, Hai Bo Group, Chia Tai Group, Da Bei Nong Group, Jiangsu Heguan, Jindadi Group......


3、 Project display:




Shandong Hai Bo farming technology Co.,Ltd.


Haid Group


JiangSu Heguan


Jingzhou BAHEAL


Qingdao Qinhao


Jiangxi Aohua




Jiangsu Jindadi feed Co.,Ltd.


Haid Group (Shan Xian)feed Co.,Ltd.

Yangzhou Jinlida


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